Second Camera Operator



Wedding video production

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I think I’m pretty good, but there is no way I could properly cover the average wedding (let alone a large one!) by myself. There would just be too many things missed and too much stress and “hurry”. The best way to cover a wedding is with two camera people. There have been times I’ve hired a  third camera person, but usually two is enough and also, we want to be as unobtrusive as possible.

When the second camera sees something happening at one part of the reception and I’m at another part, they can alert me so we can get two-camera coverage. That second (or third) camera becomes even more important when excited guests, or photographers put themselves in front of one of our video cameras (happens all the time!).

Ask your videographer how many videographers will cover your wedding and ask who they will be. If he answers that he uses different people at different times, then you have no way of viewing a sample of work from those who would video your wedding (because he doesn’t even know who he will use). This means your ability to decide on this company’s qualifications (in regards to YOUR wedding video) is about the same as your ability to decide which number a roulette wheel will turn up on the next spin, because the quality of your wedding video depends solely upon the camera people and the editor. As soon as you change just one of those people, you change the entire equation.

We encourage you to consider a second camera operator for your special day even if it is just the ceremony, chat to u
s to find out the best options.

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